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I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a very religious person myself. That being said, my Ellie and I would love all the prayers we can get. She is a tough little fighter and my first born. Thank you.

Noel imani

Please pray for Noel

Alfre Williams

I praise god for the

I praise god for the beautiful life we have been given. I thank him for the beautiful mornings we receive, the beautiful sky, done by gods artist splashed in majestic colours and the sun. I thank the lord for Jesus Christs love and, the beautiful relationship we have. I thank god for my friends, home and family. I am so grateful for my work, provision and food the lord provides me with. I am blessed for receiving gods love and I thank him.

Benjamin mansell


Hello. I am writing you in hopes that you can share this story. My cousin Jamie and his girlfriend Krista could use all the help, prayers, and shares possible and I think that with your help, you and other organizations can help this family get through this tough time.

Jamie and Krista’s son Jackson was born prematurely at just 25 weeks. Born June 28th, 2018, and weighing a whopping 1 LB! Being born so early as a micro-preemie has been a struggle to say the least for this little guy. He has had to endure open heart surgeries, a feeding port pit into his belly, a tracheostomy with a ventilator to breathe, countless testing, blood draws, blood transfusions, procedures, medicines, and much much more. We are going on 5 months of being in the hospital. When Jackson does get to come home, he will need at home nurses, and lots of medical equipment and care.

For those who don’t know about Jackson’s Journery please feel free to follow his facebook page!

And if at all possible please visit his go fund me page. If you cannot donate, please send prayers (their little family needs as many people on his side in this tough time!)


Becky, when you were born at 30 weeks I couldn’t imagine you going to school and now here you are in high school. As a preemie, you didn’t have as easy as your fellow classmates and you had to work very hard to get where you are today. You have done amazing and you have blown away every teacher, every principal and more as you show the world your incredible gifts. I pray for you that high school is a place where you are comfortable, you have friends and you thrive intellectually. Know that your father and I stand ready to help you should anyone ever bully you in any way. We love you, Becky.

Praying for: Zaria

Dear God, I pray that you shield and protect, Zaria as she grows and develops in the hospital. Wrap your arms around her and give her strength to thrive so she can come home to her family. Amen.

From: – Parent

Praying for: Noah Seven Dennis

Lord we pray that you continue to provide Noah with strength to defeat obstacles which are being placed before him, with the brain bleed and infection please keep him fighting so that he may become strong and healthy day by day.

From: Vanessa (Nana)

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